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9789710092871 - Charles R. Ringma, Karen Hollenbeck-Wuest: Walking with God - Book

Charles R. Ringma, Karen Hollenbeck-Wuest (?):

Walking with God (2009) (?)

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9789710092871 (?) or 9710092871

, in english, OMF Literature and ATS (Asia Theological Seminary), OMF Literature and ATS Asia Theological Seminary, OMF Literature and ATS Asia Theological Seminary, New, ebook, digital download
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Christian spirituality is a topic of great interest in our contemporary world as many people are seeking to find sustainable life values and practices. This is particularly so in the Asian context, with its profound religious traditions and its integration of spirituality into every dimension of life. What is striking in this volume is that the practices of prayer and meditation are not simply discussed within the frame of a personal spirituality, but also in its outworking in the social arena. Here is a spirituality that is shown to have relevance for culture, natural disasters, persecution, and poverty. In these pages you will find discussions on prayer and ecology, spirituality and the social sciences, the journey of "the dark night of the soul," and the relevance of the Medieval Christian mystics for present-day Asian Evangelicals. Not only is this volume enhanced by the contribution of two outstanding scholars, Dr. John Goldingay from Fuller in the USA and Dr. Simon Chan from Trinity in Singapore, but it also offers the voices of many practitioners who, in ministering to human need and crises, demonstrate the healing dimensions of Christian spirituality. This volume for the Asian world will be a rich resource for scholars, clergy, students, and the laity. In this book you will drink from deep wells which will nourish your soul, and it will also encourage you into the spiritual practices of social transformation and the work of justice.
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